Adam ® Server family

Adam ® Server family

Lead the development of IT industry infrastructure, focus on customer needs,

Provide customers with safe and national high-tech manufacturing enterprise leaders' product experience.

Adam ® Server family

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Evoc ® Adam ® Servers, the leader of national high-tech manufacturing enterprises, independent intellectual property rights, and ten key core technologies provide a security guarantee for independent innovation for the development of informatization and regional digital economy in various industries and fields such as the party and government, finance, medical treatment, education, telecommunications, electric power, transportation and manufacturing.
Billions of grams of servers have a rich product line and a wide coverage, which can cover more application scenarios and provide the most appropriate solutions for enterprises and institutions of all sizes and types.
Billions of grams of servers have truly achieved self-development, capability internalization, security, credibility, security and controllability.

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Evoc government cloud platform solution

Evoc government affairs cloud combines the characteristics of cloud computing technology to simplify, optimize and integrate government management and service functions, and realizes various business processes and functional services in government affairs through information means, providing a reliable basic IT service platform for government departments at all levels.

Evoc Energy Internet solution

The EVOC Energy Internet solution takes intelligent edge computing as the technological breakthrough point, achieves software and hardware decoupling and application platformization based on multi-container technology, and realizes device software definition, flexible business expansion, open data sharing and cloud edge intelligent collaboration. At the same time, combined with big data, AI and other components, the micro-service architecture is adopted to build an intelligent, open and efficient digital platform for energy services.

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