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Evoc smart park solutions

Evoc smart park solutions

Evoc smart park solutions

Background introduction

According to IDC News, by 2021, 45% of the data created by the Internet of Things will be stored, processed, and edge analyzed at the edge of the network. Increasing edge intelligence and connectivity will drive the growth in the number of smart systems. Edge intelligence will be a core value for iot to achieve key growth, according to the report. Billiongram servers provide comprehensive edge computing, massive data storage and analysis, and cloud services for a wide range of iot applications.

Solution introduction

Based on the Internet of Things (iot), the intelligent service cloud of Baimeike Park carries out unified management and control over the facilities and equipment in the park, forming a linkage mechanism with event processing capability and comprehensively sensing the operation status of the park. On the one hand, Baieke fully integrates the existing hardware foundation of the park to upgrade the cloud of the original equipment system, breaking the situation of local network and island of each other. On the other hand, according to the policy requirements and the actual situation of the park, Billiong will purchase intelligent equipment that meets the requirements, improve the depth and breadth of the construction of intelligent iot, and finally create an intelligent iot system with data fusion, unified management, convenient, efficient and stable maintenance.

Based on artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud computing, big Data technology, edge computing, Cloud server and other emerging information technologies, Baieke Park smart service Cloud provides a full range of high-quality services for the operation and management of smart park. To build a safe, comfortable and convenient modern and intelligent ecosystem.

Hundreds of millions of grams of the independent research and development, highly compatible enterprise server as the basis of IT infrastructure strategy, for the operation to provide a safe and reliable elastic computing services, using sensors, Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology, such as integrated park run data, improve resource utilization, optimize the park management and service, to improve the residents' quality of life.

The data center of Baimeike Park gathers the data of intelligent system, investment attraction, property management and operation, extracts all kinds of key indicators related to the operation and management of the park, and visually displays them to grasp the production and operation situation of the park in real time. The real-time operation and operation data of all parks can be visually viewed through the decision-making cockpit, and the industrial map can be used to quickly switch to a single park to view. Through data analysis, the decision-making ability of operation managers is improved, the management process, operation service and emergency command are optimized, and a new operation management mechanism is gradually established.

Advantages and values

1, designed to handle mission-critical workloads while maintaining security, reliability, and control of the entire IT infrastructure.

2, perfect and comprehensive security protection system, on the basis of providing reliable computing performance, all-round protection of user data security.

3. It can achieve large-scale elastic scaling of computing resources within minutes, and achieve optimal resource allocation when computing demand fluctuates.

4. Provide high-performance computing, storage and network resources, support millions of concurrent storage and ultra-high-speed Intranet connections of up to 100Gbps, and provide high performance for various computing scenarios

Performance computing resources.

5. Avoid downtime, achieve the highest service level, perform data recovery without data loss, and resist network threats.

6. A large number of CPU/GPU physical machines equipped with 10-megabit network adapters and acceleration algorithms for distributed machine learning provide a solid foundation for model training with terabyte data.