Jiaoyun ® Storage device family

Jiaoyun ® Storage device family

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Jiaoyun ® Storage device family

distributed object storage

Based on general servers and storage system software, yikejiaoyun do distributed object storage series has built a cost-effective storage architecture system with elastic capacity expansion, agile deployment, continuous online, cross regional access, and intelligent hierarchical flow. It is a fully distributed storage product for enterprise level unstructured data. This product supports the primary and standby, dual active and multi site disaster recovery deployment of data centers in two places and three centers, provides highly reliable and highly available service capabilities, breaks the barriers of storage scale and geographical restrictions, reduces the overall investment in enterprise IT construction, has the advantages of large capacity, high performance and easy expansion, and meets the diversified storage needs of new business forms while ensuring the high security of data.
This series of products is aimed at unstructured data such as videos, images and documents with EB leve


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Evoc Energy Internet solution

The EVOC Energy Internet solution takes intelligent edge computing as the technological breakthrough point, achieves software and hardware decoupling and application platformization based on multi-container technology, and realizes device software definition, flexible business expansion, open data sharing and cloud edge intelligent collaboration. At the same time, combined with big data, AI and other components, the micro-service architecture is adopted to build an intelligent, open and efficient digital platform for energy services.

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