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Evoc Bank IT System solutions


With the rapid development of Internet technology, mobile phone has become the most common tool used by the public, and banking through mobile phone has become the preferred way for users. The number of mobile phone access to banks is increasing rapidly, and the bank data center is facing a huge challenge. The problems such as insufficient resources, data islands, and poor service quality are becoming increasingly significant, which can no longer meet the needs of current business development. The transformation of IT architecture of bank data center is urgent. Baiegke helps bank customers transform their IT architecture to the cloud, achieves efficient utilization of resources and second-level response of services through hyper-convergence technology, and gives users a good use experience.

Background introduction

In the initial demand communication stage, a city bank reported the following problems to Baieke, hoping that the newly upgraded IT architecture could effectively solve them:

Slow service response

Due to insufficient resources, the access response speed is slow. Moreover, due to the old system, the automation and intelligence degree are not high, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of the new service mode of self-service remote services and automatic system service provision.

IT Architecture solidification

The design of traditional banking technology architecture focuses on stability, which leads to poor flexibility and difficulty in achieving horizontal expansion of resources. After the expansion of scale, computing and storage resources cannot keep up with the scale requirements.

The operation and maintenance is difficult

There are various types and quantities of supported IT hardware and software, which is difficult to manage. In addition, the IT construction standards of the headquarters and branches are not consistent, resulting in different internal IT architectures and difficult to make unified management standards.

Solution introduction

Based on the current demand of bank data center, Baiegke adopts hyper-convergence technology to unify the IT resources of all internal institutions of bank customers, so as to conduct unified management and scheduling, and establish an advanced architecture of simple operation, easy operation and self-service.

Computing resources: Servers are virtualized to provide different computing capabilities for VMS in the service system and are flexibly allocated based on service requirements. Computing resources feature high availability, fault tolerance, online migration, and dynamic load balancing.

Storage resources, unite by the system composed of the nodes in the distributed storage resources pool, for each virtual machine is a centralized Shared storage, provide a more simple and convenient storage management, improve storage by copy or remedy delete code form availability and reliability, when a node goes down or disk data since the recovery ability after the damage.

Advantages and values

By upgrading the underlying IT architecture of customers and pooling resources, Billiong makes the IT architecture of bank customers more practical, advanced and reliable.

Extensibility is strong

Virtual resource pooling is used to linearly expand resources based on service and scale requirements and allocate resources on demand.

Delivery of simple

Rapid deployment enables hourly delivery. Nodes can be added online without shutting down the system for efficient delivery.

Unified management

On the cloud resource management page, you can centrally manage resources of all institutions in a bank, allocate, and maintain resources in a unified manner.

Safe and reliable

In hyper-converged mode, VMS are used to run services. When a single server fails, services are dynamically migrated to ensure service continuity. Data is copied or deleted to ensure high data security, availability, and integrity.