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Evoc energy Internet solutions

Evoc energy Internet solutions

Evoc energy Internet solutions


The energy Internet has opened up a new way to improve the operation level of power systems and the operation efficiency of power grid assets, giving full play to the advantages of power grids and opening up the huge blue ocean market of the digital economy. Energy Internet solution is the innovative application of cloud, big, things, mobility, AI and other next-generation ICT technologies in the field of energy services. It adopts the "cloud-tube-edge-end" Internet of Things architecture. This paper provides solutions to the common problems faced by the development of energy services, such as data storage, data security, missing platforms, high operation and maintenance costs, difficult device management, closed systems, complex access scenarios, and difficult field deployment.

With intelligent edge computing as the technological breakthrough point, the solution of Billiong Energy Internet is based on multi-container technology to achieve software and hardware decoupling, application platform, and realize device software definition, flexible business expansion, open data sharing, cloud edge intelligent collaboration. At the same time, combined with big data, AI and other components, the micro-service architecture is adopted to build an intelligent, open and efficient digital platform for energy services.

Smart grid and ubiquitous power Internet of Things are the foundation and important components of smart city construction, which provide strong support and guarantee for urban energy infrastructure and public service platform, and play an important role in promoting smart city development. In recent years, through the intelligent park, intelligent street lamp, electric car charger for electric facilities, distributed power grid and other aspects of the smart grid construction, power grid construction and people life organically, realize "power flow, information flow, energy flow" fusion of highly integration, building energy information circulation and service network, enhance the level of city energy management, It has effectively promoted the "green and energy saving" construction and development of smart cities.

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Background introduction

"Digital era" to welcome the new challenge to the power industry, promote the development of smart grid, a comprehensive scientific, state grid are put forward in the work in two sessions of the "two net" three type world-class energy Internet enterprise strategic target, "three" the hub, platform type enterprise, sharing type enterprise, the "two nets" refers to the "strong smart grid" and "pan in the power of Internet of things". Building a "three-type" enterprise is an important starting point for building a world-class energy Internet enterprise, and building and operating the "two networks" well is an important material foundation for building a world-class energy Internet enterprise.

"Three types and two networks" has become a new need for the development of energy Internet. It has become a general trend to increase the intensity of construction integration, energy management and control depth, wisdom and intelligent construction intensity, and promote the integration of the energy industry and the construction of information management.

Solution introduction

Millions of energy services cloud to build high speed and high integration for the characteristics of the network communication platform, on the carrier of computing, storage devices, using advanced technology such as power electronic and intelligent control decision-making, combined with the existing distribution network, to achieve the real-time monitoring of electricity side, equipment management and disaster prevention, timely push feedback electricity integrated information, realize the power grid of the fusion of informatization and intelligent applications.

Through real-time collection, monitoring and analysis of the system operation data and timely interaction with the power grid, the Billiongram energy Internet platform makes a reasonable economic operation plan, gives full play to the management ability of distributed energy, energy storage devices and related loads, and effectively improves the safe, stable and economic operation level of the microgrid. The platform makes full use of the resource pool managed by the cloud computing IAAS platform to allocate resources on demand, adapt to the horizontal expansion of each application module, and flexibly solve the problem of insufficient resources caused by the continuous increase of service volume and data volume.


Advantages and values

Rapid deployment, cost reduction and efficiency

Billiong Energy Service Cloud solves the problem of tight coupling between business and architecture, greatly improves virtualization performance, shortens application deployment cycle, realizes on-demand investment in infrastructure, comprehensively improves resource utilization, realizes linear expansion of system level, and greatly reduces enterprise CTO (total cost of ownership).

Integrate and promote the construction of smart cities

Billions of grams of energy Internet platform is through the Internet of things infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, geospatial infrastructure and other new generation of information technology as well as social networks, mobile communications and other tools and methods, to achieve comprehensive and thorough perception, ubiquitous interconnection, intelligent integration of applications.

Energy saving and consumption reduction, in response to the dual carbon policy

From a green low carbon perspective, billiongrams energy Internet platform actively implement the energy "four revolutions" and the national "saving, clean and safe" energy development strategy, promote the national green low carbon development, help our country reach the double carbon goals.