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Evoc government cloud platform solution

Evoc government cloud platform solution

Evoc government cloud platform solution


Government cloud in the development of our country has gone through three stages. The first stage takes "resources" as the center, mainly carries on the basic information intensive construction; The second stage is "data" centric, aiming at application migration and upgrade, and realizing single service intelligence. At the present stage, the demand of government cloud has changed from "quantity growth" to "quality improvement", shouldering the important mission of digital government and smart city construction, and promoting the transformation of government digitalization.

Background introduction

Therefore, strengthening people's livelihood issues, e-government is an important part of the transformation from Chinese government to public service government. The Opinions on Strengthening and Improving the Construction and Management of National E-government Projects issued by the National Development and Reform Commission specifically pointed out that the application of new technologies in e-government projects should be promoted. Encourage the adoption of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, next generation Internet, green energy saving and simulation in e-government projects, and promote the wide application of new technologies in the construction of e-government projects, "and stressed the need to ensure the security and control of e-government projects. The promotion of all parties indicates that the construction of government e-government will make great strides toward the direction of e-government cloud.

Solution introduction

Combining the characteristics of cloud computing technology, Baieke government cloud simplifies, optimizes and integrates government management and service functions, and realizes various business processes handling and functional services in government affairs through information means, providing a reliable basic IT service platform for government departments at all levels. The unified standard of multi-billion gram government cloud is not only conducive to the interconnection among all government clouds, to avoid "information islands", but also to avoid repeated construction and save construction funds.

The government cloud service resource layer includes IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS resources. IaaS layer integrates the server, storage, network, security and other infrastructure resources of the site cluster. The PaaS layer integrates the platform resources such as database, development environment and operating system of the website group. The SaaS layer integrates the traffic analysis service, user management service, health diagnosis service, public resource transaction service, content publishing service and other common services of each sub-station of the website group. At the same time, it also integrates the special public services of regional portal and professional portal, such as accumulation fund inquiry, water and electricity fee payment.

Baieke Government Cloud is a platform to share information resources of government website groups. It is a portal of government website groups, regional sub-portal of government website groups and professional sub-portal of government website groups, providing one-stop convenient services for the public.

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Advantages and values

Economize construction cost, reduce fiscal expenditure

Unified construction of electronic government affairs cloud platform will greatly reduce the government's financial expenditure. The centralized construction of e-government platforms for all government departments and regions will cost far less than the decentralized construction.

Improve the operational efficiency of government data centers

With the rapid growth of the number of government affairs portal users, the content is increasingly multi-media, and the types of public government affairs information are becoming richer and richer. In addition to the traditional text form, a large number of pictures and audio and video information are also included. Therefore, the government website needs to process massive data, so it needs the cloud computing center with IaaS application as the core as the effective support, to improve the operation efficiency of the government data center and reduce the operation cost of the government data center.

We will help build a service-oriented government system

The establishment of all kinds of e-government system can real-time access to common people nowadays most concern issues and facing difficulties, make the government staff learned basic livelihood issues in a timely manner, so as to develop purpose more explicit policy laws and regulations, improve the government efficiency, reduce the distance between the government and the people, maintain social stability.

Eliminate information island, realize government affairs work coordination

Billions of grams of e-government cloud platform has the characteristics of information integration, resource sharing, between the government departments, local information bridge between social services department, realize the information integration between different e-government system, exchange, share, and government working together, greatly improve the whole efficiency of the government organs at all levels, increase the efficiency of the administrative service and management level, We will promote the building of a service-oriented government.